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Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Associate Region 101

Trinidad & Tobago

Foreign Associate Region No. 101

  United States Section


P.O. Box 727

Wrightson Road,

Port of Spain,

Trinidad W.I.

TEL: (868) 786-9184


(868) 678-3107

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(868) 475-8812

(868) 688-8583

The International Police Association (IPA) is a non-profit worldwide fraternal organization dedicated to unite in service and friendship, all active and retired law enforcement professionals from around the world. It is the world’s largest independent police organization run by its members for its members, existing primarily to create bonds of friendship and to promote international cooperation. Consequently, the IPA can be of tremendous benefit to members and their families who wish to travel abroad. The organization is not connected with or influenced by any union, police or governmental agency or any outside interests.

The IPA was formed in January 1, 1950, because a police sergeant from Lincolnshire, England, Arthur Troop, wanted to create a channel for friendship and international co-operation among police officers. His notion of an Association with development of social, cultural and professional links among its members, in an environment free from discrimination of rank, sex, race, color, language or religion, became a reality, to promote friendship among Police Officers (Nationally and Internationally) on a proper organized basis.

Membership includes over 400 thousand distinguished individuals from more than 61 countries and is steadily rising. The Esperanto Motto of the Association is Servo per Amikeco, which means "Service Through Friendship".

Among the many aims and objectives of the International Police Association are:

  • to encourage personal contacts by organising exchange visits of individuals and groups, arranging group holidays and initiating pen-friendships;
  • to develop social and cultural activities and to encourage the exchange of professional experiences;
  • to facilitate a regular exchange of IPA publications containing news on all subjects of relevance to the Association;
  • to promote international publications, and to help with the preparation of works connected with law enforcement or legal matters;
  • To facilitate international co-operation through friendly contacts between law enforcement officers of all continents and to contribute to a mutual understanding of professional problems.

The Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Associate Region  No 101

The Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Associate Region was established as a Chapter of the United States Section in 2000, and officially granted Foreign Associate Member (FAM) status in April 2002. The Region has approximately one hundred (100) members comprising serving and or retired officers from various law enforcement agencies in Trinidad and Tobago Including the:

  • Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS)
  • Special Reserve Police (SRP)
  • Municipal Police Service (MPS)
  • Customs and Excise Division
  • Immigration Division
  • Transit Police Unit (TPU)
  • Immigration Detention Center (IDC)
  • Parliamentary Police Unit (PPU)
  • Praedial Larceny Squad (PLS)
  • Supplemental Police from the Public Service, State Enterprises and the Private Sector

Also included on our membership roll are specially approved civilians who hold Honourary Membership status. While Honourary members cannot vote or hold office, they have proven themselves to be invaluable resources in the continued development of the Association.

The local body maintains a philosophy of quality over quantity in recruitment standards and continues to attract Trinidad and Tobago’s finest. In keeping with the Motto of the IPA, the local body hosts a number of social events annually, receiving tremendous support from members, their spouses and corporate organizations. The Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Associate Region has also hosted members from the United States, France and Germany in the past and been hosted by members from the United States as well. These types of social, cultural and professional exchanges are certainly a credit to the Association.